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Selling your house can be exciting!  It can also be anxiety inducing and emotionally draining and downright stressful.  Maybe you’ve been in your house for 40 years, countless memories have been made there, and your home feels like it’s an actual member of your family.  Maybe you’ve been in your house for 3 years and you’ve been offered your dream job in San Diego.  Maybe you’ve had a couple of kids and you feel like your house is bursting at the seams.  Regardless, you need an agent who is an expert on the current local market, who can be very honest with you about pricing and preparing your home for sale, and who honors your decisions.

One thing that I always tell clients is that if you’re considering selling – even if it’s a few years down the road – call me!  A phone call is not a contract.  Let’s meet, talk about the current value of your home and what repairs or staging might be necessary in order to sell your property as quickly and for the best price possible.  When your timeline allows it, giving yourself time to digest the information and make any changes can make the process seem much less like a chore.  I’ve had clients who have changed paint colors or finally fixed that pesky slamming door and then decided to stay in the house for another few months just to enjoy their work!

Clients have told me that they didn’t want to bother me if they weren’t really ready to sell.  I can’t stress this enough – it is not a bother!  Whether we work together tomorrow or in 3 years or you decide to retire in your current home – the upshot for me is that we get to know each other even better and might catch up over a pint at the local pub.

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